Grandma was a Cowgirl
a short film

Jane must come to terms with her Grandmother's death, while struggling to find meaning in her own life. 

Starring: Vivien Endicott- Douglas, Beatrice Schneider, Liz Saunders, Paul Braunstein, Joan Gregson, Virgilia Griffith, Wayne Burns, Shane McLean, Daniel Jun and Arlen Aguayo Stewart

Written, Produced and Directed by

Vivien Endicott-Douglas

Cinematography by

Morgana Mckenzie

Edited by

Shelley Therrien


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In the aftermath of an unspeakable act, two sisters must repair their relationship and find a way to move forward.

a short film



Hannah Endicott-Douglas & Vivien Endicott-Douglas

directed by Neil Cavalier

written and produced by

Neil Cavalier & Vivien Endicott-Douglas

cinematography by Alex Coronado

original score by Petra Glynt

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