We've all been finding different ways to cope. There‘s definitely no right or wrong way to deal with this. Some really exciting things are happening as artists adjust to this new normal. People are finding creative ways to collaborate and connect! We can also put a lot of pressure on ourselves to "be productive". It's a great time to make things but it can be hard to start, especially if we're setting ourselves very high standards and already thinking about how "good" or "perfect" the finished product has to be. 


I'm trying to let go of the product and love the process. for me that means finding comfort in creating little routines and rituals. It starts with committing to practice. And practice doesn't have to be the same every day. It just means carving out a time to get curious, to open up a nurturing space that's just for me and my day dreams. No agenda. No striving. Just play & discovery. And what I'm finding from freeing myself of the pressure to produce is that I am actually making more things! 


I’d love to support you in carving out structured play time. 


If you want to join me, 

I'll be starting 10 days of creative enlivenment on friday march 27th

sending out very simple daily prompts that may include;

a meditation/ a great podcast/ a video/ an article/ a little activity/ creative writing prompts/ journal cues

& I'll be available for regular email check- ins if you'd like a little accountability.


This is a totally free experiment. We're in fragile times and providing accessible support matters to me.


I'm also available for a phone call if you would like to set more specific intentions for this time.


If you want to join me then reply to this email by the end of Thursday (march 26th) and I'll loop you in!