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stay sharp

an audition class for emerging actors

Especially in COVID times, it can feel like we are working in an echo chamber. We send self tapes out into the "void", we aren’t in the same room as the reader and it's difficult to know if our work is resonating with our audience. It's more important than ever for us to confidently take control of our auditions from the moment we receive sides to the minute we exit the zoom audition/ hit send on the tape. In order to make an impression on casting directors, get called back and land work we have to stay sharp. 

What is Stay Sharp?


This is a rigorous, extremely practical 4 week class designed to keep you on your toes & give you an undeniable edge in your auditions. 

What you get:

  • 4 week class

  • 6-9pm

  • Max 6 participants

  • Each week you will do a mock "audition", receive feedback & opportunity to integrate the application of tools, techniques and key concepts.

  • Participants will read with each other

  • Participants will be able to watch their work between classes and build off of what they are learning.

  • Journal prompts and self awareness exercises will be provided weekly.


Our work together will include:

  • how to stop playing a generalized version of the scene and instead make specific, active choices.

  • keys to using script analysis to your advantage in limited time; what to look for and what traps to avoid.

  • how to infuse your work with meaningful personalization and imagery for ultimate potency


  • explore all the nuanced moments you can use within a scene to show your dynamic range

  • how to use the frame to your advantage, including detailed technical work.


  • five principles to remember when prepping for every audition

  • strategies for coping with anxiety and nerves

  • cultivating a mindful breath & body awareness practice


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