the enlivenment project

Is an empowerment service for emerging womxn & queer actors looking to deepen their craft, get comfortable with on camera work and cultivate a resilient artistic practice.


This ever evolving project has grown to include life & wellness coaching, performance workshops and creative development.

Our mission is to create space for you to embrace your truest self so you can freely share your unique, extraordinary gifts with the world. 


Blue Sofa

for artists and non artists

In these 1 hour sessions 

we create space for you to let go of what is no longer serving you so you can align with your authenticity and show up more fully in your life and work

Photo Studio

on camera confidence

for emerging artists

a six week private coaching program specifically geared towards  actors who identify as womxn or queer.

If you are transitioning into on camera work and want space to take risks, work with challenging material and bring your craft to a new level, these sessions are for you!

life coaching

Be You

I help bridge the gap between filmmakers and actors. Whether you're working with kids or first time performers, we will build a common language and 

empower natural ease on screen.

Adult Students

creative development

Are you a performer looking to create work for yourself?

Are you a writer looking to perform a piece?

Do you need another pair of eyes on your script?

I will work with you to bring your story to life.




The enlivenment project is grounded in a wide range of my own personal experience and training which includes; twenty years of practical experience in the entertainment industry, extensive training with revered voice and acting teachers (including Rae Ellen Bodie, Larry Moss, Lindy Davies and Kristin Linklater), certification in life and wellness coaching with Canada Coach Academy and  Equity and Women & Gender studies at the U of T.

I work with an intersectional lens that actively aims to interrogate, resist and dismantle exclusionary systems of oppression. I strive to acknowledge my own privilege within these systems and within the coaching relationship while holding space for and honouring the lived experiences of everyone I work with. 

all services available virtually                     sliding scale 

"Enlivenment gave me a chance to slow down and take pause. Vivien's approach allowed her to get to know me in an organic way and meant our work was perfectly tailored to what I needed in my personal growth and my development as an actor. Warm-ups and taping techniques I practice with Viv remain invaluable to me each time I prepare for a role".


- justine christensen, actor 

“Vivien is a generous, kind and creative coach who empowers her students to not only grow their technique and range but to deepen their entire artistic practice. Working with Viv has made me more confident and comfortable as an actor and above all, feel more like myself on camera. I cannot recommend her enough.”

- bryn kennedy, actor 

"Vivien has helped me find better ways to work through the uncertainty of this industry, develop a personal practice, and work from my own experience to create more truthful performances.  She is a highly qualified, incredibly supportive, hands on acting coach and her warm and nurturing personality is what I love most about her! 

- lauren wolanski, actor

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