Enlivenment specializes in uplifting artists who are building careers in the entertainment industry.


Together, we create a safe container for taking risks, deepening awareness and growing as artists and human beings. 


You will connect with your gut, let go of what isn't serving you, own your process and learn to be kinder to yourself through it all. 


Enlivenment coaching gives you tools for cultivating a resilient mindset, builds your authentic confidence and aligns you with your creative fire.


Photo Studio

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private coaching program for the committed beginner

Movie Star

on camera confidence

private coaching program for emerging artists

Be You

enlivenment edge

private empowerment program for women & trans feminine artists, invite only.

Writing on a Notebook

take the reins

private creative coaching for artists

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why enlivenment?

“Vivien is a generous, kind and creative coach who empowers her students to not only grow their technique and range but to deepen their entire artistic practice.


Working with Viv has made me more confident and comfortable as an actor and above all, feel more like myself on camera. I cannot recommend her enough.”

- bryn kennedy, actor 

"Vivien has helped me find better ways to work through the uncertainty of this industry, develop a personal practice, and work from my own experience to create more truthful performances.  

She is a highly qualified, incredibly supportive, hands on acting coach and her warm and nurturing personality is what I love most about her! 

- lauren wolanski, actor

"I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Vivien. She goes out of her way to make me feel seen and heard during our sessions; it’s more than just the craft of acting— we strip down what it is to be a woman in the industry and how being in tune with all parts of you ties into the work.


Every session is so wholesome and I always leave feeling empowered and inspired to create". 

- lindsay wu, actor

"Enlivenment gave me a chance to slow down and take pause more than any other training I've encountered.


Vivien's approach allowed her to get to know me in an organic way and meant our work was perfectly tailored to what I needed in my personal growth and my development as an actor. Warm-ups and taping techniques I practice with Viv remain invaluable to me each time I prepare for a role".


- justine christensen, actor 

I have (15+) years of practical experience as an actor in film, television and theatre. I started Enlivenment because I know how challenging it can be to stay true to yourself in this industry. I am passionate about supporting you to navigate the ups and downs so you never have to feel like you're doing it alone. Our work together is rooted in a wholistic approach, with tangible tools and strategies personalized for each individual.


I draw on my own extensive practical experience as well as my diverse training. I am a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre Actor's Conservatory as well as the Centre for Actor Training at Shakespeare & Co. in Lenox, Massachusetts. I have been lucky enough to train with esteemed acting teachers Rae Ellen Bodie, Lindy Davies, Larry Moss and, internationally revered voice teacher, Kristin Linklater. I draw heavily on my experience with the Linklater vocal progression in my work as a coach.


I'm currently a candidate for ICF certification in life & wellness coaching with Canada Coach Academy and the modalities I am trained in {mindfulness, non- judgement and compassion} will be integral to our work together. 


I work with an intersectional lens that actively aims to resist exclusionary systems of oppression. I strive to acknowledge my own privilege within these systems and within the coaching relationship while holding space for and honouring the lived experiences of everyone I work with. 

If you're in transition, want to take your work to the next level and need someone in your corner to cheer you on and hold you accountable, get in touch for a courtesy meeting to see if enlivenment is right for you.

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The most effective way to show compassion to another is to listen, rather than talk. In the practice of compassionate listening, you listen with only one purpose, which is to give the other person the chance to speak out and to suffer less.

- Thich Nhat Hanh, No Mud, No Lotus